Friday, January 28, 2005


After NINJAS, I never intended to put another novel at the Peshtigo School, but Freddie was such an interesting character, she had to be in her own novel. Also, the school itself is a great vehicle that allows for a certain (ahem) flexibility and/or zaniness that wouldn't be available with a more mundane school.

So I was working on a new novel, but not getting anywhere. Then I had a new idea for the Peshtigo School...and was able to come up with a first draft outline pretty quickly. (Actually, "outline" is probably too grandiose a term, but it has characters and a story arc, which is more than I had going into NINJAS or TOFU.)

Then, one of my critique partners suggested sending the whole lot of them (Freddie, Hans-Peter, Elias, Honoria, and Shohei)off into the wilderness...

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