Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, etc.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving -- we spent a quiet day with a turkey from Central Market (fyi, pick up the thing on Tuesday--by Wednesday, the place is a zoo).

Yesterday, we went to the 90th birthday party for Betty Davis, an elegant lady in Austin SCBWI who still plays tennis. (She was born in Ohio when Wilson was president and she still writes on a typewriter.).

Today, we began decorating for Christmas -- one of the most signficant things about Austin vs. places north and east, is that when you put up the outdoor lights, you can wear a tee-shirt and sandals. (It got to about 82 here today).

Of course, you also don't have specifically seasonal indicia of the holidays -- cold, trees losing their leaves, etc.

Tomorrow, we're going to put up the tree...

And, I actually got three pages done on my WIP!

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