Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Favorites of 2005 -- Older Readers

I've done a lot more reading this year than last. Oddly enough, with the release this year of TOFU AND T.REX, I've also done a lot less writing than last. I believe the two may be related. :-).

So I decided to do a list of my favorites for the year (of books that were not written by me or she who is my wife). Yes, there is significant overlap with Cyn's List, and also some significant differences. Note, however, that over the course of the year, we do not read all the same books. :-).

The List:

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
, by David Lubar

Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl, by D.L. Garfinkle

Open Ice, by Pat Hughes

Pinned, by Alfred C. Martino

Boy Proof, by Cecil Castellucci


Debby G. said...

I found this and I wasn't even googling myself. I was just catching up on my blog reading. How cool! Thank you!

Pat Hughes said...

New Year's Day, and here I am stuck at work on the copy desk at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Slow news day, or should I say night, so yeah, I WAS googling the names of my books - hey, it's the only way I ever find out anything about them - and Greg's blog was the first thing that popped up for "Open Ice." Greg, I don't know you, but thanks for liking "Open Ice." I've been discouraged by the cackling of some librarians, teachers and pundits about all the naughty words and what a nasty boy Nick is. Of course I don't think he's nasty at all -- just a teenage boy, which, in some people's minds, seems to equal nasty. Anyway -- finding the book on your list is a nice little new year's present after a challenging 2005. And now that I know who you are, I'll check out your books for my notoriously under-reading 12-year-old. Thanks again. Pat.

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