Monday, January 23, 2006

ALA Blogging

Congrats to the ALA Award Winners!

Cyn and I went down to San Antonio for the conference Saturday and came back Sunday.

Saturday we had a fun lunch at Boudros with Cyn's Candlewick editor, Deborah Wayshak. Then, after a brief walkabout of the conference floor, we went to dinner at Sage (new restaurant, where Polo's used to be) where we met Debbi Michiki Florence in person for the first time(!)(and her friend writer-librarian Jennifer [last name I do not remember - sorry!]) and editor Dimiter (another last name I can't remember :-)), from Simply Read Books. Debbi has photos up at her blog here.

Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at La Canarias with Franny Billingsley, her daughter Miranda, Heather Voegel Frederick, Nancy Werlin, Jane Kurtz, and Susan Raab. Then we hit the conference floor again and scored a few ARCs and had a chat about M&Ms (among other things) with Victoria Stapleton at the Little Brown booth :-). At lunch, we ran into San Antonio's own Peni Griffin.

Floor sightings included Sean Petrie, Don Tate, Varian Johnson, Barry Goldblatt (agent), and Jill Bailey (formerly of BookPeople).

Cyn has more blogging here.

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