Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Repossessed, by A.M. Jenkins (HarperTeen 2007). Kiriel is a demon (err, "fallen angel"). Bored with the underworld, he hijacks the body of teen-ager Shaun just before he dies. Kiriel experiences physical existence for the first time as he takes over Shaun's life, and all that that entails. Not just taste and sight and smell and feel and sex, which are all terrific, but mortal relationships and interpersonal interactions. Once the novelty wears off, though, Kiriel realizes he wants to make the most of his current existence...to make a difference.

Told with a voice that captures Kiriel's sense of the novelty and wonder of Creation, Repossessed is at once fun and substantive, providing a unique and often funny perspective on mortality and teenage existence.

Comment: This is the only one of the Printz honorees I read last year. I could've sworn I'd blogged it, but apparently not (Fall was kind of hectic last year). Cyn has an interview with Jenkins here.

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