Monday, February 25, 2008

The glamorous life...

of an author...Last weekend, Cyn and I did the final proof-reading of her forthcoming novel, Eternal. She blogs about it here. It's around 60,000 words and took around eight or nine hours to read (We traditionally do the read-aloud for all our manuscripts - it makes us read more slowly and helps us catch glitches in the rhythm of the language). The cats were generally intrigued. In the photo, you see (clockwise from top) Leo, Blizzard, and Sebastian.

The manuscript is terrific - I won't tell you about it, but will say it's smart, sexy, spiritual, and a little scary. I think Candlewick has scheduled it for Winter/Spring 2009.

To celebrate, today we went with a friend to see Spiderwick. (Yes, we just saw it a week ago and will undoubtedly get it on DVD, but it's a movie that needs to be seen in the theater). Then we went out to Katz's for the Briggs' Brownie Boat.

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