Friday, March 14, 2008

We are greatly vexed...

Cynthia and I were scheduled to speak March 14 at the Illinois Reading Council's 2008 Conference, titled "Unleash the Power," held in Springfield, Illinois. We were to have spoken at three sessions: For two of them, about "Humor in Youth Literature;" for the third, on "Stories behind the stories."

Unfortunately, however, when we arrived at the airport in late afternoon on the 13th, we were told our flight to our connecting city had been canceled, but that we had been re-booked for the next day(!) which, of course, was when we were scheduled to speak. We tried to make alternate arrangements, none of which were acceptable. So, we had to cancel our speaking gig. Apologies to the IRC and anyone who went wanting to hear us speak.

The airline declined several opportunities to explain why they canceled the flight. Since they're usually more than willing to blame the weather or mechanical problems, one can only conclude they canceled it because they didn't get enough passengers (which has happened to us on other airlines). In other words, they simply didn't feel like flying. Helluva way to run a business.

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