Monday, March 29, 2010

Austin news...[updated]

March has been a busy book month for Cyn and me. In addition to IRC and receiving final edits on BLESSED, Cyn is poring over the sketches for the graphic novel version of TANTALIZE even as we speak. While the novel is told from Quincie's point of view, the graphic is told from Kieren's and includes additional scenes and characters (An announcement about the illustrator will be forthcoming from Cyn's blog).

Also, it's been a month (or so) of celebrating book releases by Austin authors! In the picture to the left, Jo Whittemore poses with her own Front Page Face-off; April Lurie's The Less-Dead; and Varian Johnson's Saving Maddie. Jo's party was at BookPeople earlier this month, and April and Varian had a joint party Saturday.

Other Austin authors with 2010 releases who were present included P.J. Hoover (The Necropolis (CBAY 2010)); Bethany Hegedus (Truth with a Capital "T" (Delacorte 2010)) and Brian Yansky (Alien Invasion and Other Inconveniences (Candlewick 2010)). The latter pair share the same release date of October 12.

Now, go out and read!

[Update] Oh, and check out the article on Cyn at the Lawrence Journal World!

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