Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Book, One San Diego (For Kids!): Jingle Dancer

Last week, Cyn and I headed out to San Diego, where she was honored by having Jingle Dancer chosen for the One Book: One San Diego (For Kids!) program. 

Cynthia did several days of events, including a visit to the new San Diego Central Library, the School in the Park, the Rosa Parks Elementary School, and the Lemon Grove Library.

We also had the chance to go to the zoo and take a run by the water front.

Here are some pics:

Elephants at San Diego Zoo
In front of koi pond
Getting set up in the activities room at the Central Library
Standing by map of new library

Shore birds at natural history museum
Cyn and me and an ankylosaur
Botanical garden
20 percent of the US carrier fleet
Stern of USS Midway.  You can eat there now...
Statue of iconic image....
Bob Hope.  In bronze. With audio (really).

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