Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Dino a Day Strikes Back: A CHRONAL ENGINE Celebration Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of A Dino a Day Strikes Back, celebrating the paperback release of CHRONAL ENGINE, and the new editions of NINJAS, PIRANHAS, AND GALILEO and TOFU AND T.REX!

Ask me about my T.rex!  With the exception of the above, photos are by the awesome Sam Bond of Sam Bond Photography.

With Smilodon.  Not a T.rex.
 This strangely hilarious shirt (scroll down) is from

I found this one last fall, when Shirley Lukenbill, professor of children's literature at the University of Texas at Austin, posted it on my facebook page, so it seemed oddly appropriate to take the pictures at the Texas Memorial Museum, on the UT campus.

Horses.  Also not a T.rex.

T.rex!  Sort of. :-).
Unfortunately, the day we went, the museum itself was closed due to the UT football game...

T.rex and friends, from a few years back...

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