Sunday, April 19, 2009


THE DRAGON OF TRELIAN, by Michelle Knudsen (Candlewick 2009)(ages 10+). Calen, the unskilled and generally unmotivated apprentice to the mage Serek, is just trying to get by and avoid the ire of his master. But he might just have a spark of something.

The princess Meglynn of Trelian has a secret: she has bonded with a juvenile dragon she found in the forest. What it means, she doesn't know.

Amidst the preparations for the wedding of Meglynn's sister and the prince of Kragnir (to cement the end of a hundred-year war), Calen and Meglynn form an unexpected friendship and, together, unearth a murderous plot to keep the kingdoms at war.

Can they discover who they are and thwart the enemy of both kingdoms before it's too late?

THE DRAGON OF TRELIAN is an exciting adventure and a great read, filled with treachery and mayhem, and with engaging and likeable characters whom we will hopefully be seeing more of.

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