Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday at BookPeople

Saturday afternoon's joint author appearance by Cyn and Kathi was a great success, with over a hundred attendees (pretty good for a holiday weekend)!

Cyn and Kathi began by introducing themselves and then by reading excerpts from ETERNAL and THE UNDERNEATH, respectively (Kathi also sang Ranger's song with blues-y verve). Afterwards, they showed their book trailers and then they interviewed each other on diverse topics, such as violence and redemption in youth literature. Finally, they read excerpts from fan mail.

Anne Bustard was gracious enough to bring her famous sugar cookies: in the shapes of bats and angels for Cyn's book; and three kinds of cats for THE UNDERNEATH.

Many thanks to everyone who came and to the folks at BookPeople for hosting the event! (Photo above shows Madeline Smoot and me getting the tech set up while Debbie Gonzalez gives moral support :-)).

Cyn has a report with many more pictures here!

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