Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I, Mercury, am of course, the cat.  Nevertheless, I will grant you that Violet, the protagonist in this fine picture book, is some cat.  In much the same way that Wilbur, the porcine mammal from E.B. White's CHARLOTTE'S WEB, was some pig.

SOME CAT!, by Mary Casanova, ill. by Ard Hoyt (FSG/Macmillan 2012)(ages 2+).  Violet was a queen and was meant to rule.  But she had been imprisoned in a facility far beneath her station.  Naturally, when gawkers happened by, she would arch her back and hiss.  Usually, said gawkers would take away a kitten (likewise imprisoned) and go away.  One day, a man and a woman came by and instantly recognized Violet's royal virtues.  So they took her home with them.  Their home, alas, was occupied by two large canines!  What was a queen to do?

SOME CAT! is a lovely tail tale of overcoming adversity friendship and family, even if it means, on occasion, purring with the hounds.

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David Lubar said...

I love the cover. That's all I was planning to post, but then I saw the "you may also like' part, and have to say, I love that, too. :-)

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