Thursday, August 02, 2012


THE PLANT HUNTERS: TRUE STORIES OF THEIR DARING ADVENTURES TO THE FAR CORNERS OF THE EARTH, by Anita Silvey (FSG/Macmillan 2012)(ages 8+).  For centuries, daring adventurers have searched the remotest corners of the earth, daring wild animals, disease, and physical hardship, all in a quest to bring back new specimens of plants for medicinal, scientific, economic, and aesthetic purposes. 

THE PLANT HUNTERS provides richly-drawn and detailed accounts of some of these little known explorers.  In addition to touching on contemporary aspects of botany, THE PLANT HUNTERS offers a fascinating and eminently readable account of an aspect of the history of science most people don't think much about.

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Clara Gillow Clark said...

Thanks for featuring Anita Silvey's new book. I'm a plant/nature enthusiast and I'm sure The Plant Hunters will be a fascinating and insightful read. Must add to my reading list!

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