Monday, June 06, 2005

Preliminary Research...

I've begun work on something new -- set in Texas for the first time -- and am happily in the research phase. I'm coming to realize that I like that phase, where you've got this idea, but need all the info. to make it happen and feel real.

For TOFU, which has an official release date of June 8, and official pub date of July 6, in addition to extensive Googling and personal interviews, research involved the following:

For veganism: The Everyday Vegan; The Vegan Sourcebook; I Can't Believe It's TOFU!

For the carnivores: The German Cookbook; Polish Cooking; Aidells Complete Sausage Book; The sausage Making Cookbook; Home Sausage Making

Miscellaneous: Beekeeping for Dummies; The New Complete Guide to Beekeeping; The Joy of Pi; A History of Pi

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