Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa season!

November was a busy month for Cyn and me, as we traveled to Nashville for NCTE/ALAN, and also did some promotion for Santa Knows in College Station and at the Twig in San Antonio.

Yesterday, we finally got the inside of the house in Christmas condition, putting up the tree and doing general Christmas decorating. (I've put off the exterior lights until this weekend, which may have been a mistake, since it's only supposed to get up to about 50 - last weekend it was 80).

Tomorrow, we have a signing at the B&N Round Rock (2 PM) and Sunday, a signing at the B&N Westlake (1 PM).

This morning, Cyn and I had an interview on WEOL radio (Ohio). Also, today, Debbi Michiko Florence publishes an interview with Cyn and me on her blog.

Enjoy the beginning of the holiday season!

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