Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tantalizing Launch Party

Last night, Cyn and I hosted the launch party for Tantalize. We ended up having around eighty friends, colleagues, teachers, librarians, and significant others. From what I could tell, it was a complete success :-).

We did a Tantalize book giveaway, courtesy of Candlewick and also gave away a Sanguini's gift basket, incluidng Italian food staples such as pesto and black pasta, and various items from the Sanguini's shops.

Door prizes also included advance reader copies (ARCs) of 2007 Austin area authors' young adult (YA) novels: April Lurie's Brothers, Boyfriends, and Other Criminal Minds; Brian Yanksy's Wonders of the World; Jo Whittemore's Onaj's Horn; and Helen Hemphill's Runaround.

Catering was provided by Primizie and was absolutely fantastic. Items included smoked salmon; mini-calzones; various finger sandwiches; stuffed mushrooms; an Italian antipasto platter; fruit, cheese, and vegetable platters; and roasted tomatoes. Presentation was equally grand: on glass blocks and granite slabs, with a five foot tall flower arrangement from The Flower Studio.

Thanks to Anne Bustard for providing the Italian cream cake (see photo); Michael for the chain saw; Anna and Eric for staffing; and everyone else who helped out.

Thanks also to everyone who came and thanks also to everyone who brought host/hostess gifts (I've lost track of who brought what, but Grazie!).


Little Willow said...

Glad to hear that it went so well! :)

Nilina said...

I want to see Cynthia's hair

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