Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Happy Hour! [Updated to add link]

(Okay, two weeks before Halloween, but you get the idea). Last night Cyn and I had the pleasure of hosting a Halloween social for members of the Austin youth literature community. The theme was "pizza and chianti." Pizza came from Rounder's Pizzeria. Guests brought bottles of their favorite red wine. We also got a vegetable platter, a fruit platter, and assorted Halloween candies from Central Market. Anne Bustard made some of her great sugar-butter cookies (in the shapes of scaredy cats and broken (winged) bats). And Shana Burg made some terrific caramel apples!

(Alison Dellenbaugh gives the haughty sneer of the leporine vampire, while Meredith Davis and I mug for the camera).

(Strange and spooky decorative items)
(At first, people seemed oddly reluctant to dig in)
(Ahh, finally!)

See other party posts and pics by Jo Whittemore, P.J. Hoover, Jenny Ziegler, and Cyn.

UPDATE: Also see Shana Burg's hilarious post on caramel apples!

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Anonymous said...

Did you steal your brother's Superman outfit?

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