Monday, September 21, 2009


SACRED SCARS, by Kathleen Duey, (Atheneum, 2009)(ages 12+), book 2 of the Resurrection of Magic trilogy (read my recommendation of book 1: SKIN HUNGER), is a vivid and darkly compelling fantasy that takes up where the first, SKIN HUNGER, left off.

In the past, Sadima tries to convince Franklin to leave and/or kill the obsessed and sadistic Somiss, and take the captive youths with them. Ar first, it seems she succeeds, but then Somiss uncovers her "treachery" and takes vengeance, leaving her alone and without memory...

In the present, Hahp continues his studies at the magicians' academy and, with his roommate Garrard, uncovers some uncomfortable facts...Along the way, they resolve that they must destroy the magicians...if they can get out alive.

SACRED SCARS is an intense and fascinating story of obsession and evil. Highly recommended.

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