Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hogle Zoo

In addition enjoying natural history museums, I've always loved zoos -- I grew up going to the Lincoln Park Zoo a lot when I was a kid and Cyn and I try to check out the zoos in most of the places we go to.  (They were also helpful in getting a feel for live animals -- both large and small -- when I was writing CHRONAL ENGINE).   

So, when we were in Salt Lake City for WIFYR last week, in addition to the Natural History Museum of Utah and the Museum of Ancient Life, Cyn and I checked out the Hogle Zoo.   

It hosts a very nice collection of animals in a clean, modern facility.  Here are some pics:
African elephant.
Big kitties like to sleep in the shade
So do little ones.
Avian dinosaur of the spoonbill variety
Armadillos.  Not were-armadillos.
More avian dinosaurs.
Ostriches.  They're bigger than you think.

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