Monday, January 21, 2013

YAK Fest Report!

Cyn and I are safely back from YAK Fest!  We had a great time road-tripping with Cory Putnam Oakes and Jessica Lee Anderson, although traffic on I-35 was the worst ever. (And we didn't allow anyone in the car who doesn't have three names in their byline).

Once we arrived in Keller, we were treated to a nice reception/dinner at the awesome Book Carriage Book Store.  The next morning, Simone Elkeles delivered a rousing keynote, followed by our panels!
On my panel,Krissi Dallas spoke about creating worlds and names therefor; Tracy Deebs talked about apocalypses and Pandora's bad rap; and Andrea White talked about the inspiration for Surviving Antarctica.

Many thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers!

Here are some pictures:

Jason Henderson, Lori Aurelia Williams, Cory Putnam Oakes, Jessica Lee Anderson, and Cyn and Me.

The Elvis shrine at the Waco Chuy's

Cory, Cyn, Krissi Dallas, Me

Jason Henderson and Me

Road tripping!

Traffic jam in Waco

Cory, Jessica, a Yak, Krissi, Cyn and Me


Krissi Dallas said...
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Krissi Dallas said...
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Krissi Dallas said...

You forgot to mention how you shamed ALL of us with your tedious, intentional and highly-organized preparation for writing a book!! I aspire to be that awesome. :) Thanks for the shout-out! Had a blast meeting and hanging out with you guys!!

Greg Leitich Smith said...

It's an art :-). Great meeting you, too!

Krissi Dallas said...

Seriously... why did my comment post THREE times?! I had the WORST time trying to get it to go through... kept saying my word verification was wrong. APPARENTLY NOT. Ha. Sorry. :)

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