Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Montgomery County Book Festival report!

Cyn and I are just back from the Montgomery County Book Festival, where we had an amazing time!  Congrats on a terrific event and thanks for all the hard work by the organizers and volunteers!

My panel was titled "We're Not in Kansas Anymore: SciFi Reads," and included co-panelists Brian Falkner and David Macinnis Gill.  I haven't read Brian's work, but am excited to do so now; and I'm thrilled that the third book in David's BLACK HOLE SUN series is forthcoming next month.

We had a great discussion, including how science fiction reflects society and inspirations of our respective works.

Here are some pictures:

Mari Mancusi and Cory Putnam Oakes
Origami by Larry Hammer

Opening night reception

Janni Lee Simner
Me and Brian Falkner

Suzanne Crowley, Janet Fox, and me

Jenny Moss and Cyn

Lisa McMann and David Macinnis Gill

Check out Cyn's report here for more photos!

1 comment:

Janet Fox said...

Such a fun time with you all!! Congrats to the organizers who did such an awesome job.

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