Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WIFYR 2014!

The view from the Waterford School, site of the WIFYR workshops
Cyn and I are just back from WIFYR 2014 -- the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference run by the awesome Carol Lynch Williams, where we each led an Advanced Novel workshop.

My workshoppers took me out to lunch
 In the mornings, we led workshops, critiquing manuscripts, and giving and reading writing exercises.  The afternoon was filled with speeches by various faculty members, panels of authors, editors, and agents, and a keynote (this year, by James Dashner). 

Cyn and I taught it two years ago and we were delighted to be asked back -- it's one of our favorite events of its kind and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in working on their craft.  This year, workshop faculty included Ken Baker, A.E. Cannon, Cheri Pray Earl, Lisa Mangum, J. Scott Savage, Shawn K. Stout, Carol Lynch Williams, Cyn, and me.  Editor/agent faculty included John Cusick, Kristin Ostby, Michelle Witte, and Amy Jameson.

Here are some pics of the event:

Me and food at Barbwire and Lace

John and Kristin
Me during one afternoon session on Voice

Cyn and I during the signing
Ken, John, Jeff
Carol and Cyn

Cyn and me and the goat that tried to eat her dress
My assistant -- Stephanie the Awesome -- decorated the room with dinos and lgm
Some of my class
Me and Allosaurus.  Because we had to go to the Natural History Museum of Utah.

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