Friday, September 23, 2005

No rain in Austin...

It looks like the shift in Rita's track just north of Galveston means there's a chance we won't see any rain this weekend. And winds? It might get a little "breezy." Good news for us and the folks at the Austin City Limits Music Festival (I wasn't all that anxious to see if the old pecan tree out front could hold up to 75 mph winds).

Unfortunately, it also looks as if Rita is going to stall out right after landfall is northwest Texas, and then drift southwest a bit. Which means torrential rains.

Looks like tons of people are taking the evacuate orders seriously. Everyone in Texas east of I-35 is learning the meaning of the term "traffic jam." Supposedly, it's taking on the order of 10-12 hours to get from Houston to here (normally a 3-4 hour drive). Roads here in Austin are packed with evacuees; reports are that 71 and 290 west from Houston are still jammed.

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