Monday, September 26, 2005

Record heat

Well,the hurricane missed us, but we got record heat (107 at Mabry and 108 at Bergstrom). The folks from Houston are heading back home, and Austin City Limits crowd is recovering from dehydration and loud music :-).

Taking stock with the past couple days, I think an argument could be made that Austin overreacted somewhat, but that's only because nothing actually happened. If the storm had taken the track they were predicting as late as Thursday morning, it would've hit the coast as a Cat 5 and come inland, even as far as Austin, with tropical storm force winds, and possibly, low Cat 1 force winds, accompanied by drenching rains (10+) inches. Believe me, Austin floods in the best of times. We would've definitely lost power all over the place, probably would have lost water, and many of the main roads would be less than picturesque rivers. I think, as a city, we were probably more prepared than we ever have been. I just hope we're equally (or better) prepared when the hurricane actually does get here.

1 comment:

the Light said...

I'm very glad the hurricane missed you.

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