Saturday, April 01, 2006

Escape from Arylon, by Jo Whittemore

ESCAPE FROM ARYLON, by Jo Whittemore (Llewellyn 2006).

In the first book in the Silverskin Legacy trilogy, debut novelist Jo Whittemore introduces high school freshmen and ex-friends Megan Haney and Ainsley Minks. A freak accident transports them from their sleepy suburb to the land of Arylon, where someone has stolen the powerful Staff of Lexiam. Before they can return home, they must help the wizard-kkng Bornias recover the Staff, or else both worlds will be in jeopardy.

In ESCAPE FROM ARYLON, Jo Whittemore creates likeable and intriguing characters and a fun and fantastic fantasy world. The cliffhanger ending will have readers eagerly anticipating the second book in the trilogy, which scheduled for publication in July 2006.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Greg! See you & Cyn Wednesday night!

Anonymous said...

Ii look like a good book to read.

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