Saturday, June 13, 2009


THE DAY-GLO BROTHERS: THE TRUE STORY OF BOB AND JOE SWITZER'S BRIGHT IDEAS AND BRAND-NEW COLORS, by Chris Barton, ill. by Tony Persiani (Charlesbridge 2009). In this stunning picture book, Chris Barton presents the true story of the two brothers who invented the now uniquitous "day-glo" colors: an amazing tale of perseverance, hard work, and how one's dreams can take one on different and unexpectedly satisfying paths.

Persiani's illustrations offer a bright and charming accompaniment to the story arc, as they begin in a drab black-and-white world and (vaguely reminiscent of movie of The Wizard of Oz) ultimately culminate in one filled with the fluorescent colors we know today .

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Chris Barton said...

I'm glad you like the book, Greg -- thanks for saying so. And I love how the cover looks here on the black background!

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