Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More writing ...and the odd pizza

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a writer's workshop at the home of Austin SCBWI founder Meredith Davis. We broke into small groups to critique first ten pages of manuscripts in progress and then had workshop-wide sessions with all the participants. It was a terrific event, full of camaraderie and even some excellent writing :-).

My small group consisted of Chris Barton, Helen Hemphill, Alison Dellenbaugh, Lyn Seippel, and me. The manuscripts were all a pleasure to read -- it's always fun to peer into the creative processes of other writers.

Other participants included Brian Anderson; Varsha Bajaj; Chris Barton; Donna Bratton; Gene Brenek; Shana Burg; Meredith Davis; Alison Dellenbaugh; Debbie Gonzales; Helen Hemphill; PJ Hoover; Julie Lake; Carmen Oliver; Lyn Seippel; Andy Sherrod; Don Tate; Brian Yansky; Frances Hill Yansky; and Jenny Ziegler

For pictures, Donna Bowman Bratton posts here; Don Tate posts here; Deb Gonzalez, here; and P.J. Hoover, here.

And here's the odd pizza (from the lakefront pub we retired to afterward):

1 comment:

PJ Hoover said...

Great seeing you on Saturday, Greg! And I should have tried the Pizza, but the burger was way awesome.

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