Sunday, July 19, 2009

Writing Community events...

Last weekend, the Austin writing community had the pleasure of Chris Barton's launch party of The Day Glo Brothers at Book People. Some pictures:

The box demonstrating the effects of black light on Day Glo ink:

Chris Barton's Day Glo fist of power:

Mugging for the camera (Carmen, Mark Mitchell, April Lurie, Jenny Ziegler, Emily):

The Day Glo couple:

And a sighting of Geektastic (check out an article on the cover here):

Then, Saturday, was the SCBWI monthly meeting, in which Jim Seippel spoke on various computer-related issues.

Tim Crow and Jim:

Betty Davis and Jerry Wermund:

Jessica Lee Anderson and P.J. Hoover:

Emma Virjan:

Brian Anderson:

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