Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frank and Angie's Pizzeria

Day 6 of the Pizza-a-Day Plan:

Frank and Angie's (508 West Avenue) is tucked off Sixth Street behind Hut's Hamburgers (and seems to be owned by the same people). I headed over after work to have a drink, grab some pizza, and get some writing done.

I had a house salad and ordereda ten-inch sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and onion pizza (of course). The pizza had a very nice, very thin, very light crust (although more than able to support the weight of a slice without significant bending); plentiful, fresh toppings; and nicely gooey cheese.

The pizza was of very high quality and seemed very light. My only complaint (and it really isn't a complaint) is that the sausage seemed to be inadequately affixed to the surface and kept bouncing off onto my manuscript, leaving small stains on the paper (in a manner vageuly reminiscent of John Cusack in The Sure Thing :-)). Still, another excellent Austin pizza!

1 comment:

Erik K said...

Greg, are you grabbing a Whole Foods custom pizza? We've had some quite good ones from there.

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