Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whole Foods

Day 7 of the Pizza-a-Day Plan! And the petit finale! (But, why? you ask). Because the grand finale occurs on Saturday when I make my own deep dish and I don't want to be utterly sick of the things when that occurs :-).

Whole Foods flagship store and corporate headquarters (525 N. Lamar). For those not familiar with the place, it's really big and has all these little walk-up "shops," where they prepare food on the spot. Among these is a small pizza area, complete with brick oven. A bit too fancy, but I decided to try the pizza anyway...

I ordered a small (7 inch) sausage and mushroom pizza. As they said it would take twelve minutes to cook, I did a bit of grocery shopping and returned at the appointed time. Alas, I was not there to see the pizza boxed. As you can see below, the crust turned out a bit, well, carbonized, which I didn't discover until I got back home.

As can be appreciated, the crust was a bit crispier than I generally like. Nevertheless, on the whole, the pizza wasn't bad: the seasonings were excellent and the toppings fresh and plentiful. And really, it only cost half a sawbuck. And I will try them again.

Bon appetit! (At least until Saturday).

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Erik K said...

I like mine slightly burned, but this one appears to have traveled beyond that. Still, we do like Whole Foods for a pizza. That or Giovanni's, the pizza made in a trailer on South Lamar. Maggie likes it a lot, but said she never would tried it if she'd known it came from a trailer in a parking lot (I brought it home).

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