Saturday, July 17, 2010


THE INVISIBLE ORDER: RISE OF THE DARKLINGS, by Paul Crilley (Egmont 2010)(ages 10+). In the middle of Victorian London, twelve-year-old Emily and her nine-year-old brother William are recently orphaned. When Emily rescues a piskie in a back alley, she is drawn into an ages-old conflict involving two sects of the fey folk and the Invisible Order, a human secret society dedicated to protecting humanity from the fey.

Things become more personal when William is kidnapped -- she has to get him back, but whom can she trust? Together with Corrigan, the piskie she rescued, and Jack, a street urchin a year older than her, she must navigate her way through treachery and danger.

RISE OF THE DARKLINGS is an intense, action-packed ride through a Victorian London that sits atop a dangerous faerie realm. Emily is engaging and well-developed, while Corrigan and Jack are funny and likeable. Readers will anxiously await the publication of Book 2, THE FIRE KING.

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