Sunday, November 28, 2010


TYGER, TYGER, by Kersten Hamilton, (Clarion 2010)(12+). Sixteen year-old Chicagoan Teagan Wyllston's life is turned upside down when her seventeen year-old cousin, Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives to live with the family. It turns out that the mysterious and streetwise Finn is destined to lead the battle against the goblins -- the unearthly and evil sidhe of lore -- but has inadvertently led them to Teagan and her five year-old brother Aidan, who may have powers of their own. When their father is kidnapped by the goblins, Teagen must discover what and who she is and undertakes a rescue mission that leads her directly into Mag Mell, the heart of goblin power.

In TYGER, TYGER, Hamilton provides an intricately-wrought, suspenseful, fantasy adventure-mystery. Major and minor characters alike are well-drawn, believable, and, occasionally, funny. In short, TYGER, TYGER is an elegant and compelling update on the stuff of Irish myth and legend.

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