Tuesday, February 01, 2011

There'll be a cold time in the old town tonight...

Even by my raised-in-Chicago standards. It's going to get into the teens here for the next three days (of course, it'll be even colder in Chicago). The last time I remember it being this cold here was in December of either '89 or '90 when I flew up to my brother's graduation in Des Moines. Here, it was 20. There, it was 20 below. That 40 degrees made a difference :-). So, keep your pets indoors, wrap your pipes and your tropical plants, eat some soup, and stay warm.

So, last Saturday was the debut party for Cynthia's BLESSED and Mari's NIGHT SCHOOL. A couple of the giveaways are above. On the left is the whiteboard/specials menu that Candlewick produced; in the middle is the audio of TANTALIZE, and on the right is one of Mari's giveaways. The things that look like hypos are actually ballpoint pens...Check out Cyn's recap of the event here.

And check out these pictures of a flying Ankylosaurus and dromaeosaur from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. It's the same dromaeosaur one you see here, but they're moving the things to storage while they expand. The new exhibit hall(s) open in 2012!

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