Thursday, March 31, 2011

UM Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Edmontosaurus in front of mural.

A couple years ago, Cyn and I spoke to a class in Michigan at Oakland University and, as part of the research on THE CHRONAL ENGINE, we stopped by the University of Michigan Natural History Museum (Ann Arbor, MI).

This small museum on the campus of the University of Michigan has an entire floor devoted to vertebrate paleontology.

An Allosaurus is on display next to a stegosaurus "carcass," and an Edmontosaurus is laid out before a huge mural showing "now" and "then" scenes of what paleontologists thought and think its life must've been like. You can also get up close to a Deinonychus and an Ankylosaurus tail club, sauropod leg and hip bones, and see various theropod, ornithopod, and sauropod skulls. Looking up, you can also see pterosaurs and a mosasaur.

Skull of Edmontosaurus

I particularly like the way the displays are laid out. You can get close enough to touch most of them (but you shouldn't :-)) and really get a feel for the size of these creatures, especially the Edmontosaurus, which stretches a good part of the width of the hall.


Next time you're in Ann Arbor, check it out!

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Lindsey said...

And I particularly liked you in the picture so that I could see how your head would fit in Edmonto's mouth.

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