Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Last weekend, after Tweens Read, Cyn and I stopped by the Houston Museum of Natural Science, to check out their new paleo hall. (Here's my previous post about the museum).

Overall, I was very impressed by the number and quality of the mounts.  The exhibit is arranged as a "prehistoric safari," in which you begin your walk-through in the Pre-Cambrian and make your way forward through exhibits into the Pleistocene. 

The hall itself is rather stark, with the mounts on platforms like items of modern art.  Gorgeous backlit, ultra-realistic illustrations adorn the walls next to the exhibits, putting flesh and blood on the fauna and filling in the flora.

Highlights from the Age of Reptiles include three tyrannosaurs; a nesting pair of Quetzalcoaltus (and one soaring overhead); a hadrosaur mummy (a cast of Leonardo, I believe); a Triceratops skin fossil; an Acrocanthosaurus; and a host of aquatic reptiles and Mesozoic mammals and invertebrates.  The Age of Mammals displays were equally extensive.

Here are some pictures:

Not a dinosaur

My, what big teeth...
Triceratops skin...
Cretaceous "Tasmanian devil"

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