Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tweens Read Book Festival 2012 Event Report!

Just back from Pasadena, Texas, and Bobby Shaw Middle School, where I had the pleasure of being a featured author at the Tweens Read Book Festival!

I was on the "Guys Write" panel with Tommy Greenwald (CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO EXTRA CREDIT); Trent Reedy (STEALING AIR); and Roland Smith (39 CLUES: SHATTERPROOF).  It was a great group -- the attendees asked insightful questions and we were able to share the tales of our publishing history and the stories behind the stories of our recent releases. 

Here are some pictures:

Signing the poster
Awesome CHRONAL ENGINE cupcake
Trent Reedy and his LEGO mockup of the plane from STEALING AIR

All the authors on stage
Me, prior to saying something profound

Me, saying something profound, while Roland Smith only feigns indifference
Keynote speaker Heather Brewer and friend
Shiny, happy books
Awesome GLS poster.  With dinosaur!

Me and Quetzalcoatlus at Houston Natural Science Museum

Thanks to all the committee members, teachers, librarians, administrators, sponsors, and booksellers, who spent more than just one weekend planning this great event!  Thanks also to the attendees, who gave up their Saturday to come to the school library, and didn't even have detention!

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Margaret said...

Thanks so much for participating in Tweens Read, Greg! I enjoyed meeting you and I know the students loved learning from you!
Margaret Hale

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