Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Dino a Day: A CHRONAL ENGINE Celebration VII

I have to confess that, as a kid, I was lousy at pushups.

No actual pushups occur in the book, although Max does reference his brother's "repetitive lifting of metal plates."  In this illustration from CHRONAL ENGINE, Kyle shows off his guns:
Illustration by Blake Henry

These pics are from Run Tex, Austin's iconic running store.  In addition to hosting packet pick up and registration for many of Austin's running events, historically, the store has maintained and sponsored water stations at Mopac and First Street on the hike and bike trail.  And this year, they're a primary mover behind the return of the Trail of Lights!  Thanks, guys!

The T shirt was a gift from Austin author April Lurie.

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Carmen Oliver said...

I need to find you a tshirt that says T-Rex LOVES the IronMan!

Greg Leitich Smith said...

Ha! I've seen t-shirts with T.rex on bicycles. Not sure how good a swimmer they were, though :-).

Joy Murray said...

I'm enjoying your dino-a-day posts. I won your book through the Cynsations give-away. I put it in the pile and went on reading other things. I had a taste for a good literary short story and proceeded to read 3 of the most artfully written bleak pieces of dung I've had to plow through in a long time. So your book moved up the list as an antidote. So far, I'm loving it. It's compelling and full of life. I can't wait to get back to it.

Greg Leitich Smith said...

Thanks, Joy! Enjoy the rest!

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