Monday, June 26, 2006

Over the weekend...

It was a weekend of conferencing. Friday night's keynote for the TSRA Summer Leadership Conference was a blast and my speech on Humor in Multicultural Literature was well-received. Basically, I started with a speech Cyn and I had done at Reading the World a few years back and updated it with some more recent thoughts on the nature of humor and comedy.

Saturday, Cynthia and I spoke at the The Writer's League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference; our breakout session was basically an introduction to, and overview of, children's and YA literature. (Most of the attendees were from the "adult" realm, and so were unfamiliar with children's and YA). We went early to hear the panel with Kathi Appelt, Anne Bustard, Chris Barton, and Mark Mitchell.

We usually don't hang out that much with those involved in the adult end of the industry. The attendees seemed somewhat more anxious than those at, say, SCBWI conferences, but that might be because they were tense about having to "make the pitch." (They do this thing where I guess you have ten minutes with some agent to pitch your book).

Also, oddly, not only was the food the same at the airport Hilton and the Marriott downtown, but the presentation was identical, too: chicken breast with green beans, with the chicken breast artfully angled on top of potatoes or wild rice pilaf.

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