Thursday, May 15, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night...

Greetings from Austin.

So. This morning at around 12:30, we were awakened by rain and what sounded like someone dropping rocks onto our roof. Then the wind came, and there was a loud crash as something broke the window in Cyn's office. The cats fled under large pieces of furniture... We couldn't see across the street due to the rain.

As we were gathering to move downstairs, we turned on the cable news station and heard the weatherperson use the reassuring phrase, "I've never seen a thunderstorm this bad before." Admittedly, she was young, and had the night shift, but still. :-). Then they started showing pictures of baseball-sized hail.

According to the weather maps, the storm formed two angry purple lobes, one just to the north and one just to the south of our house. Fortunately, we kept power throughout and our trees are still standing (one of them lost a small branch).

By the time the storm blew through (it took only about fifteen minutes where we are), most of the neighborhood to the north of us (one of many, I gather) was without power, and hundreds of trees were down. The streets and sidewalks were a green carpet of leaves and branches. So far as I can tell, there were no actual tornadoes, although there were wind gusts of up to 70 mph.

This morning, the schools in our neighborhood are closed due to power outages.

More here from the Statesman. And Time Warner. And KXAN.


Kerry said...

We didn't get it too bad up at our house, but it sounded really terrifying. I think the sound was worse than anything else. Okay, maybe the hail sucked, too.

And yes, my husband dislikes that weatherperson, too. :)

alvinaling said...

Yikes. I'm really curious to experience difference weather phenomena in real life (hail and tornadoes), but then again, I don't think I REALLY want to experience it. Nice to be able to live vicariously.

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