Monday, May 05, 2008

Writer Conferencing

Last weekend was the Spring conference of the Austin SCBWI chapter. Speakers included editors Alvina Ling and Deborah Wayshak; agent Erin Murphy; artist's agent Christina Tugeau; writing professor Peter Jacobi; and retired educator Naomi Pasemann. Many thanks to Regional Advisor Tim Crow and all the volunteers for their hard work!

Cynthia and I had the pleasure of co-hosting the Friday night reception for speakers and volunteers. Alvina blogs about the weekend at bloomabilities, while Cynthia has more at spookycyn.

Then, this weekend, Cynthia and I received and prepared the twenty-seven manuscripts for a writer's workshop we're hosting at our house at the end of next month. (We're calling it the "Awesome Austin Writers' Workshop" :-)). Author Julie Lake was kind enough to come over and help collate and package the manuscripts. Afterwards, we hand-delivered the more central authors' manuscripts, while Julie took several for delivery near her neck of the woods. Now all we have to do is read and critique the things...

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