Thursday, December 03, 2009


THE LAST NEWSPAPER BOY IN AMERICA, by Sue Corbett (Dutton 2009)(8-12). On his twelfth birthday, Wil David of Steele, PA, is scheduled to take over the paper route a David boy has had ever since their great-grandfather founded the town. But then Wil gets a call from the editor telling him the Cooper County Caller is discontinuing home delivery.

So Wil decides he must save his route, which leads to tangled web including a fortune teller, a carnival scam, a closed hairpin factory, cinnamon rolls and, just possibly, true heroism.

THE LAST NEWSPAPER BOY IN AMERICA offers a (last?) glimpse into small-town life and its relationship to media that are going the way of the slide rule. Wil is smart and engaging as he perseveres to seek a solution to his problems. Supporting characters are likewise quirky and fun. Altogether, a charming read: very 21st Century, yet with an almost nostalgic feel.

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