Sunday, March 25, 2012

CHRONAL ENGINE launch week recap and party photos

This has been a busy week, starting with the launch of CHRONAL ENGINE on March 20 and culminating in the launch party at BookPeople and reception at the Leitich Smith Haus.

First, I did want to thank everyone who hosted an interview of me over the past couple of weeks!  Here's a quick-and-dirty link list:
Also, thanks for the nice reviews and/or giveaways:

"The action is fast paced and gripping...[Smith] has a fine ear for youthful dialog and humor." BookMoot

"If you're looking for a fast-paced middle grade adventure/science-fiction story, then this book is for you! The action starts on page one, and it never ends."  Roots in Myth

"Chronal Engine is a fast paced, middle grade adventure perfect for boys and girls that love history, dinosaurs, and time travel."  I Read Banned Books  NOTE: Giveaway is ongoing.

"Chronal Engine is a fun, well-researched novel with an appealing premise. ...[F]or current and former, dinosaur-mad boys and girls, Chronal Engine will be irresistible."  Jen Robinson's Book Page

"I highly recommend this book to everyone who has a kid that loves dinosaurs and time travel"  Turning the Pages

"Greg Leitich Smith’s fast-paced prose, paired with Blake Henry’s graphic novel-like illustrations, will wow even the most dire of reluctant readers. An intriguing time travel adventure, cleverly crafted characters which appeal to both genders, and dinosaurs! Reader, you can’t go wrong with Chronal Engine." Readerkidz

"Greg did amazing research and he presents life in the ancient past with stunning detail and up-to-date science... I give this book the highest recommendation I can."  Book Reviews and More

"Lots of narrow escapes from foes both human and saurapod await these kids in this fast paced novel." The Goddess of YA Literature

Now for a sampling of party pics:

Anne Bustard's dino-cookies!
Explaining something...
The crowd is standing sitting room only
The line gathers for the signing
The Johnsons pose

Party decor
The centerpiece
Before the food is set out
Loriene Roy poses
Mari Mancusi and Avalon
Julie Lake, Mark Mitchell, Shelley Ann Jackson, Debbie Gonzales
PJ Hoover, Joy Preble, Jen Bigheart
Decorative Pteranodon
Waving good-bye...
More photos later...(Cyn has a report with pics here)

A big thanks to: Debbie Gonzales, Gene Brenek, Sean Petrie, and Cynthia Levinson for helping to haul stuff to and from BookPeople; to Tim Crow for taking pictures; to Anne Bustard for her dino cookies of awesomeness; to Daniel Nayeri for the CHRONAL ENGINE cake (top); to Lindsey Lane for her cooler of enormous size; to Kathi Appelt for party favors; and to Brian Anderson for the decorative Exogyra!   

Thanks also to everyone who came and participated!  And a huge thanks to BookPeople and many, many kudos to Central Market and Whole Foods from whence we provisioned the event(s) (Cupcakes and finger sandwiches at BookPeople were from Central Market; the food at the house was Whole Foods -- I'll talk about this more in a subsequent post).


Samantha Clark said...

Great pics and a great party, Greg. Congratulations again on your launch.

Jen Bigheart said...

I had such a great time and the food was delish! Appreciate the link to the blog and giveaway too.


Erin Edwards said...

How do I not remember the dinosaur skeleton centerpiece?!?! Is this a sign I was a little too focused on food? :)

Greg Leitich Smith said...

There was a lot of food...:-)

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