Monday, May 07, 2012

CHRONAL ENGINE roundup and Dinosaurs on Screen!

Chronal Engine at IRA.  Photo courtesy of Cynthia Levinson

A couple of nice reviews of Chronal Engine came out last week.

First, Booklist:

“[T]his is exactly the book young dino fans would write themselves, crammed with sandbox-style action and positively packed with words like Nanotyrannus and Parasaurolophus. Great back matter clarifies fact from speculation, while Henry’s manga-inspired illustrations provide a good sense of the monsters’ scary scale.” – Booklist

And from a couple of blogs:

"Grab this summer thrill-ride read at your local library or independent bookstore soon!" - BooksYALove

"Young dinosaur fans will enjoy this fast-paced MG novel full of Cretaceous creatures and facts." - deenaml

In other news, I've joined Twitter.  My handle is @GLeitichSmith.

And in my continuing quest to seek out all things dinosaur, even in their most bizarre forms, I feel compelled to note that the theme for Senior Prom on this week's episode of Glee, titled "Prom-asaurus" is dinosaurs.  The preview had a bunch of people dancing while wearing T.rex heads...

But, even better, the History Channel show ANCIENT ALIENS had an episode last week featuring aliens and dinosaurs, which addressed the important issue of whether ancient aliens wiped out the dinosaurs to make way for human beings.  Just in case you were wondering. (The show actually was a pretty good resource for when I was researching LITTLE GREEN MEN AT THE MERCURY INN. :-)).          

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