Monday, May 14, 2012

The deluge and other stuff...

The view at 12th and Lamar
Last week was a week of writers and rain. 

Thursday night, Cynthia and I spoke with Lindsey Lane, Jeff Crosby, Mari Mancusi, and P.J. Hoover on a panel at Liz Garton Scanlon's Creative Writing class at ACC.  Afterwards, we got drenched (see above photo).

Mari and PJ
Saturday, we went to the SCBWI monthly meeting to hear Salima Alikhan speak, and then we were off to Reagan High, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of AISD libraries!

Salima speaks while Sam operates the tech
Librarians mug for the camera
Jeff Crosby and Wiener Wolf

Finally, here are some links of itnerest:

Last week, Debbi Ohi interviewed our mutual agent Ginger Knowlton at the MiG Writers blog.  It's part of a series, so go check them all out.

Also, last week, Uma Krishnaswami's article on Horn Book Magazine, titled No Joke! Humor and Culture in MIddle Grade Books.

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