Wednesday, May 16, 2012


THE SINISTER SWEETNESS OF SPLENDID ACADEMY, by Nikki Loftin (Razorbill/Penguin, August 2012)(ages 8-12). When eleven-year-old Lorelei's school burns down, she and her brother transfer to Splendid Academy, a new school which appeared practically overnight.  With gourmet meals, bottomless bowls of candy, no rules about texting or talking in class, and the best playground ever, it seems to be the perfect school. 

But there's a dark secret at Splendid Academy, and Lorelei and her new friend Andrew are determined to uncover the truth.  But who will believe that the school is a front for a witch?

THE SINISTER SWEETNESS OF SPLENDID ACADEMY is a deliciously dark debut, offering an engaging heroine, a nicely creepy villain, and piles and piles of marzipan.  A splendid 21st century update to the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

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