Sunday, February 22, 2009


JUMPED, by Rita Williams-Garcia (Harper Teen 2009)(14+). Williams-Garcia presents a day in the life of three girls in an inner city high school: belligerent, basketball jock Dominique; flirtatious, outgoing, and clueless Trina; and cell-phone addict Leticia. When Leticia overhears Dominique swearing to "kick [Trina's] ass" after school that day (a threat to which Trina is oblivious), Leticia must decide whether, and to what extent, to get involved: should she help, warn her, or just stay out of the way?

Told alternatingly by each of the three girls, JUMPED is a compelling and sometimes disturbing novel of choices and randomness; Williams-Garcia brilliantly lays out the potentially chilling consequences of stark differences in outlook and viewpoint.

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