Thursday, December 09, 2010


FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK, by Melina Marchetta (Candlewick 2010)(12+). At the age of nine, Finnikin, son of the captain of the King's Guard, witnesses a bloody coup in the kingdom of Lumatere. After a brutal massacre, the kingdom is placed under a curse: no one can enter or leave. But Finnikin himself has been spirited away.

Ten years later, Finnikin trains with the former king's first man, traveling to refugee camps, seeking out fellow Lumaterans in exile. Then they encounter the mysterious Evanjalin, who claims she can speak, in her dreams, to those trapped inside Lumatere. And she might just have a plan to release the curse and overthrow the imposter...

FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK is a thoroughly enjoyable, thrilling and textured tale of survival, hope, love, and justice. The plot is complex and the fantasy world richly-detailed. Characters are layered, likeable, and believable. Altogether, FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK is a compelling read, full of action and adventure and heart.

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