Saturday, December 11, 2010


JUSTIN CASE: SCHOOL, DROOL, AND OTHER DAILY DISASTERS, by Rachel Vail (Feiwel and Friends 2010)(ages 7-10). Justin, about to enter third grade, is nervous, and has much to be nervous about. His sister is starting kindergarten, he didn't get the teacher he wanted, his best friend is in another class, his favorite stuffed animal has gone missing, and there's a monster in the basement. Which may have taken the stuffed animal (which he still cares about even though he's too old for stuffed animals). How will he survive the year?

Told in a diary format that brings the reader along with Justin on his third-grade travails, JUSTIN CASE is funny, charming, and heartwarming. Drawings by Matthew Cordell evoke Justin's angst and are a perfect complement to the text.

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Amy Ellerman said...

This book was a hit as a read aloud in my second grade classroom. Hilarious voice and great opportunities for discussion. I highly recommend it! There were a few parts that went over my students' heads, so I might suggest third grade and up.

I saw Rachel Vail at SCBWI in LA this summer and she is AMAZING! I will continue to read everything she writes.

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