Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hollering loudly! [updated]

The news and reviews for HOLLER LOUDLY are pouring in:

"Readers as well as listeners will have fun with this animated story, and the Southwestern twang will just come naturally." School Library Journal

"A rambunctious, can't-lose read-aloud no one will want to hush." Kirkus Reviews

"With prose as raucous as its protagonist, Smith's (Santa Knows) tall tale introduces a boy who at birth 'cried so loud.... that the pecans fell from the pecan trees and the prickly pear cacti sprouted more needles.' This effervescent collaboration. . .has sass aplenty." Publishers' Weekly

"Lively prose is complemented by an exuberant design and palette. Hot pinks and wild purples, along with the exaggeratedly large open mouths of the characters, give this romp just the right treatment...A fabulous read-aloud that everyone will 'HUSH!' to hear." Horn Book Magazine.

"This original tall tale is a readaloud dream, full of big, brazen shouts and playful homey dialect. There’s hilarity in the chaos Holler’s volume causes, and the ending, wherein Holler learns the value of quiet and the townsfolk learn the value of loudness, is satisfyingly even-handed and logical." BCCB

Gift Guide: Books for All Ages by Nancy Churnin from The Dallas Morning News. "Gott's drawings of 10-gallon hats lend a Texas twang to Austin author Smith's tale of a boy who lives up to his name, much to the exasperation of his parents. Happily, he finds a good use for that loud voice and learns the value of quiet time."

Go check out author Jama Rattigan's SOUP OF THE DAY post for HOLLER LOUDLY: Wahoo! Yahoo! Two hoots and a holler!

Also, go see the interview of Cynthia at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

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Anonymous said...

Hollering loudly for Cyn's brilliant prose and Barry Gott's lively illustrations! No hushing at our house.

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